Generative A.I. for friendly technology

A.I. is shaping the future. Why not make the best of it?
We use A.I. to empower people and businesses, improve health and make beautiful things

Are you looking for an R&D partner, or help with A.I. prototyping and coding for your Sound and Visual projects?

We have experience in implementing the latest A.I. tools and frameworks for companies, universities and governments.

About deepvorteX

art work showing people next to a river

Virtual content creation

We deliver custom in-house solutions for generation of
  • voice
  • music
  • virtual worlds

Currently we're working on health improving relaxing experiences, with sound and virtual reality generated with A.I.

robot driving in building

Robot Development

Meet DV-1, our first robot prototype.

DV-1, code name: Deep Vorty, is under development and is taking a test drive in our office building. A future version will help people doing more, with less effort.

People working together

R&D and working together

We think complex technology like Machine Learning and Robotics can only become a big success when different parties with domain knowledge work together.

That is why we love to work as a tech R&D partner, together with companies, universities, and governments.

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